Your pregnancy is an exciting and amazing journey and you can have the utmost confidence in exceptional antenatal care.



Dr Tan offers a range of services to look after women . He can do routine pap smears, diagnose STD and other diseases of reproductive organs and perform serious operations such as hysterectomies.


Hospital Care

Dr Tan delivers babies at the Mater Hospital North Sydney and North Shore Private Hospital in St Leonards. He is a Visiting Medical Officer at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Patients can deliver at any of these three hospitals so you can choose the environment and facilities that you prefer.

It is a good idea to book into your preferred Hospital once you know you are pregnant, as during busy times bookings are limited and there may be a wait list. If there are any problems m don’t hesitate to discuss these with Dr Tan directly.

Dr Tan delivers at

[2] Mater Hospital
Phone: 99007300 
Mater Hospital
Rocklands Road
North Sydney NSW 2060