Your pregnancy is an exciting and amazing journey and you can have the utmost confidence in exceptional antenatal care.



Dr Tan offers a range of services to look after women . He can do routine pap smears, diagnose STD and other diseases of reproductive organs and perform serious operations such as hysterectomies.


Dr. Steven Tan

Dr Steven Tan is an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with a Medical Practice located in the Mater Clinic, based at the Mater Hospital North Sydney Australia.

Dr Tan delivers babies at the Mater Hospital North Sydney and North Shore Private Hospital in St Leonards. He is a Visiting Medical Officer at the Royal North Shore Hospital. Patients can deliver at any of these three hospitals, so you can choose the environment and facilities that suit you personally.  The close proximity from his home means that he is able to give full attention to all his patients and is readily available to his exclusive clientele.

Dr Tan has a small practice, with a focus on healthy patients delivering healthy babies by listening to the needs and special requirements of individual patients. He has a dedicated, caring, patient manner and is extremely family focussed. Patients of Dr Tan can be assured of being cared for and having direct help at every stage of your pregnancy. You can work together from the initial consultation to the implementation of your own personal birth plan, and followup. Dr Tan has enormous experience in high risk obstetrics and mature ladies. He is a skilled surgeon and has an excellent and caring team in his rooms and in the Hospital.

Dr Tan is sympathetic to the needs of women in his Gynaecological practice. He is an expert in infertility, menstrual disorders, abnormal pap smears and offers services in the latest keyhole surgery technology.

Dr Steven Tan has a Chinese background, schooled in Singapore and completed University studies with Honours at the University of NSW. He completed his postgraduate training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology training in NSW and overseas in England.  He speaks fluent Mandarin and is very family focussed. His special interests are his young family, fishing, boating and Pineapple tarts!

Dr Steven Tan is located at
Suite 1.04 3-9 Gillies Street
North Sydney 2060 NSW
Telephone: +61 2 99234222
Fax:+61 2 99234242
Email: [email protected]
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