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    No matter which kind of specialist you are seeing, it is normal to feel nervous before your first consultation. In Dr Steven Tan's private practice you have peace of mind because you have a concerned and dedicated professional looking after your medical needs.

    From the moment you step into the warm, colourful child-friendly rooms at the Mater Clinic, you will be made to feel welcome and cared for. Cathie, Diane and Jan are experienced professional medical receptionists who have helped hundreds of women through all manner of confidential enquiries.  They are open and friendly manner with a genuine concern for every aspect of your care.

    Because we understand that your time is precious, Dr Tan strives to be punctual and to keep appointments on schedule.  It is useful to have questions written down prior to the consultation.

    Obstetric Consultation schedule:

    For a new pregnancy, your initial consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.

    It will take place at 7-10 weeks gestation.

    After that, your consultations will take place every 4 weeks until you reach 26 weeks.

    Then, appointments will be fortnightly until 36 weeks.

    After 36 weeks, visits will be weekly until delivery.

    Dr Tan will discuss your birth plan between 32 and 36 weeks which will include your expectations in regard to your delivery, birthing positions and pain relief options.

    Dr Tan has an open door policy and is contactable 24/7.

    Should an urgent issue arise during office hours, please contact our rooms for a same day consultation. Alternatively you will be given Dr Tan's personal mobile number to contact him urgently should the need arise.

    Toddlers and other children are very welcome in the practice which has a children’s play board in an open, friendly and welcoming environment. The practice has a customised double door so you can wheel a double pram or wheelchair through.

    Some Parking is available directly under the Mater Clinic.  Drive in via the Mater Hospital Main Entrance on Rocklands Rd, North Sydney.  Allow plenty of time to find a parking spot.

    Please discuss Consultation Fees directly with a member of the team.

    As every situation is unique, the fee structure and payment may be different for individual circumstances, depending on where and how you choose to deliver or proceed. The fees are extremely reasonable considering the peace of mind and the level of expertise, personal service and quality of care you will receive.

    Gynaecological Consultations

    Your initial appointment will be approximately 15-30 minutes in length depending on your circumstances.